The use of biological products to treat forms of contamination is called Bio-remediation. Bio-remediation is applicable for the treatment of contamination in water and on land. The scope of Bio-remediation technology is vast and there are many areas where it’s use is applicable. The treatment solution is determined by the type of contamination that is present.

In addition to natural bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, and creeks, there are many artificial lakes, ponds, and canals that may have varying degrees of contamination. They may also contain aquatic life such as fish and plants.

Many of these artificial and natural water systems may face problem like algae blooms and bio-mass which can result in a number of other issues such as bad odor and appearance, pests, and health risks. The solutions to these problems can be time consuming. Chemical treatment is environmentally unfriendly and can damage the ecosystem on a long term basis. The most reliable and eco-friendly solution to these problems is by means of Bio-remediation, which involves the use of safe technology, such as ultra sonic treatment, and organic products.

EPSCO Aquatech, through the use of Bio-remediation, offers a complete solution to the problems mentioned above. Through the use of ultra sonic solution and organic bacterial solution, contamination in bodies of water is removed, and any bio-mass that may be present is decomposed naturally in an environmentally friendly manner.