Regular cleaning and maintenance of the commercial swimming pool keeps it hygienic and safe. Failure to do so would lead to a number of waterborne diseases including gastroenteritis, ear, nose and throat infections. A contaminated pool might be infected with viruses like E. coli, norovirus and Cryptosporidium (also known as Crypto) Even though the swimming pool might ‘look’ clean, it is imperative to do a thorough cleaning regime regularly because it might not be really clean, and an unclean pool can certainly bring down your reputation. Commercial swimming pool maintenance isn’t all about skimming the top, and removing the debris, it goes deeper within, and this calls for professional cleaning services.

The duties of a professional cleaning company

The professional cleaning company will first drain the water completely before cleaning the pool. The purpose of pool maintenance is not only to maintain its physical beauty, but also to balance the water for maximum chemical efficiency and bather comfort. Another critical factor in pool maintenance is oxidising as it would help establish a sanitiser level and destroy waste components. Once the cleaning is done, it is also important to sanitise the pool to maintain a constant sanitiser level. The pool maintenance company follows a maintenance chart that will contain all the details of the pool, the dosing of the pool, the filter media details, the products used in cleaning and so on.

Once the pool is cleaned, fresh water will flow in, which will also be chemically treated, with the water balance maintained.

Maintaining the water balance will ensure the following:

  • Better chemical efficiency of the pool
  • Durability of the pool
  • Water quality is enhanced
  • Bather comfort
  • Long lasting efficiency of the pool

Unfortunately, maintaining the right pH value is not the only thing in pool maintenance. Other factors like alkalinity, chlorine, calcium, total dissolved salts must all be checked for their consistency and levels. Timely maintenance of the pool can prevent algae from wreaking havoc to the pool. Algae prevention is always much better than algae treatment because the latter can be very expensive and time consuming.

Must-follow tips for swimming pool cleaning

The secret to owning a successful pool is obviously the upkeep and maintenance that goes with it. No pool can look pristine and inviting if it looks dirty, reeks of excess chlorine and sanitiser. Check out some essential tips that aids in a beautiful, safe and hygienic swimming pool:

1. Drain, vacuum and brush

Drain the water once a week, and vacuum the pool floor, either manually or through automatic machines. Next, brush the walls and the tiles thoroughly to prevent the pool from looking like a cesspool of algae, bacteria and calcium buildup. As for the pool walls, the cleaning rules depend a lot on the pool tile material choice.

2. The filters

Inspect the filters and see if they are clean and unclogged. If not clean, then clean the filters separately. When the filters work optimally, you don’t have to add too many chemicals into them. There are three types of filters used in the pool – sand filters, cartridge filters and DE filters. Correct pool maintenance is a critical part of proper filtration. In the pool’s water movement, the pool filter draws in the water, breaks down the buildup by reversing the water flow and drains away the dirty water out of the pool.

3. Measure the PH levels of the water

The PH levels must be above the neutral 7.5 and anything below that can corrode the filtration system and even make the pool unclean and unsafe. In the swimming pool cleaning Dubai services, the maintenance experts adjust the PH levels, thereby removing all the grime including dead skin, body oils, lotions, sunscreen, perfume, shampoo and soap residue.

4. Carrying a checklist of things to do

As the owner of a commercial swimming pool, it is important to maintain a checklist of the pertinent ‘things to do’ so as to not leave out any part. Apart from the general cleaning and skimming, it is imperative to apply water treatments, check the filters, and maintain the PH levels. The professional pool maintenance company will perform the advanced maintenance jobs.

5. The ladder and other metal accessories

It is important to remove the grime from all the metal accessories and the ladders because grime and chemicals can affect them too. Applying stainless steel polish, and then a wax treatment would do the trick.

6. Monitor the auto-fill system

The auto-fill system must be in perfect working condition or it would be impossible to maintain the correct water levels. The pump might malfunction and there could be a leak that you might miss. Hiring professional services regularly could keep these things in check.

A couple of other points to remember:

7. Checking the health of feed tubes

Another critical and not to be missed point in the pool maintenance is the feed tubes in the pumps. These feed tubes and other tubing in the pools become brittle with time. Check the health of the tubes during maintenance, and replace them if they show signs of wear and tear.

8. Inspect the equipment and accessories for both electrical and mechanical functioning

The technician checks the mechanical components of the pool during maintenance.The typical swimming pool maintenance includes checking the functioning of the motorised pump, chemical feeder, drains, the plumbing connecting all the materials, water filters, etc. While checking the maintenance capability of the pool pumps, the filters and other mechanical parts of the pool, care must be given to check for their heating and cooling capabilities too.

The technician would carry a check-list of all the elements he has to check during the planned maintenance schedule, so the maintenance will be complete and nothing is left out. Once the maintenance is done perfectly, the pool will be in perfect condition, with the water at the desired temperature, no incidence of overheating, freezing water or excessive energy usage.

Never neglect to inspect the ladders, railing and the steps of the pool (the tiles) These could be broken, and need to be repaired or replaced. Regular inspection can bring to light these problems because they turn worse.

Commercial pools have a complex ecosystem that calls for careful attention and timely maintenance. Doing regular swimming pool cleaning will keep the pool balanced, safe and ready for use all year through.