Residential / Commercial – General Cleaning

Whether moving into newly built premises or to give a clean look to your existing home / office you can depend 100% on us for a professional and prompt service.Whether the requirement is for interior or exterior areas our employees are professionally trained and equipped to handle all aspects of general cleaning meeting your specific needs and special requirements.
Professional cleaning also requires looking for trapped dust and dirt in cavities and other less visible places to ensure the place is not only visually clean but hygienically clean. Ozonation of the place kills harmful bacteria and removes bad odor from the place.

Carpet | Rugs Cleaning, Upholstery | Curtains Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a beautiful investment which require expert care and attention by professionals who understand the value and complexity of the weave and dyes used in their manufacture. Whether it is Persian, Kashmiri, Afghani or Chinese, we have the expertise and knowledge to clean and advise on the ongoing care and maintenance of these valuable assets. Upholstery and Curtain hygiene is absolutely important. Our cleaning process utilizes deep cleaning technology; this gives you the peace of mind that your sofas or curtains are hygienically clean. We have been cleaning & treating carpets, upholstery and curtains for more than a decade. Our in-situ Curtain Cleaning gives you the added advantage. You do not have to worry about bringing down the curtains and bother about a temporary replacement. Apart from the cleaning we can also protect them by spraying carpet or fabric protector.
Window Cleaning Dubai
We live in a hot, dusty and often very humid environment that tends to deposit a lot of dust on our buildings, especially the windows. The beauty is so often spoiled by dirty windows. The weather in this region does not encourage us to go outside and climb ladders to clean our windows. You need look no further. EPSCO Home Care can offer you the cleaning service you need at very affordable price to keep your windows and buildings clean through out the year.
Water is a commodity that is generally taken for granted. We turn a tap and out it pours. Unfortunately the conditions in which water is stored and distributed are often far from ideal. Because water is mostly stored in overhead tanks it is a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Tanks are frequently contaminated with all sorts of things. Dead or live creatures are not as uncommon as you might think. Rust, silt and scale deposits harbour bacteria, which can cause illness to you and your family and staff, sometimes very seriously. You may not drink the water but you still use it to shower, washing, cleaning etc.
Water Treatment Dubai
Air Ducts become dirty and contaminated with dust, dirt, pollen, mold, fungi, animal dander, dust mites etc. All of this along with moisture and oxygen, promote further growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. The AC system, in all probability, has never been cleaned since its installation. These are the causes of a variety of allergy related problems; including asthma, frequent coughs, colds and skin rash.
Chandeliers are a high value investment that need to be kept sparkling clean at all the times to increase the grandeur of the place where they are installed. They are fragile and need to be cleaned carefully by professionally trained personnel.

Marble & Granite Floors Cleaning

Over a period of time Marble & Granite Floors become dull, degraded or scratched and require a little more than just a wipe over. Spillage occurs and often leaves stains that need special attention to remove them. Now is the time to call in the specialists that can bring your floors back to the original shine and remove the scuffs and scratches. Floors may need to be honed, polished and sealed. All of this can be done in a short time at a reasonable cost. Dry Treat® protection offers the best opportunity to protect your valuable stone floors from stains. Dry Treat® offers a 15 years guarantee.