Rope Access Cleaning Dubai


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Having clean windows has varied benefits, for a business owner, clean windows are attractive to customers and visitors, clean windows make interior and exterior spaces of the building look more inviting. If the windows are unclean and dirty, it reflects on the business and hygiene policies of the business practice. For the homeowner, clean windows are more energy-efficient, brighten up the home, and positively influence the health and well-being of the family.

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EPSCO specializes in residential and commercial window cleaning services. . EPSCO can clean the windows of any building no matter how tall or wide the building is, EPSCO caters to all the properties from villas to low rise apartment blocks to skyscrapers. EPSCO has the manpower and techniques to provide the much-needed window cleaning service. EPSCO can do one-time or regular contractual window cleaning. If you require regular cleaning of your windows, you can sign up for an AMC. Our window cleaners will visit you on a scheduled day as mutually agreed and clean your windows to keep them clean and shining. For high-rise skyscrapers, our team of window cleaners is IRATA certified and uses rope access to reach the windows. Rope access is a very efficient method for high-rise window cleaning.

Façade Cleaning

EPSCO’s rope access façade cleaning service comes with many years of experience with a clean safety record. Façade cleaning is mandatory for all buildings. Dirty façade poorly reflects not only on the building owner or occupant but also on the city and the country. U.A.E attracts millions of visitors each year and our high-rise architectural masterpieces are simply captivating. The beauty of these wonderful buildings cannot be enjoyed unless their facades are kept clean always. EPSCO offers annual cleaning contracts at very competitive prices for cleaning the facades at regular intervals determined by our customers. Our façade cleaning service is carried out by IRATA certified rope access technicians. We follow IRATA standards and deploy a level 3 rope access technician at all our sites. We have a large portfolio of highrise towers that we clean on a regular base including the twisted CAYAN tower.

Cleaning For Different Assets

Apart from façade and windows, EPSCO can also clean any other areas of the building from rooftops to the deepest basements, inside as well as outside. It can be any part of a building – new or old, high or low, and whether it is occupied or unoccupied. We clean ceilings, walls, windows, floors, fans, joists, beams, pipes, ducts, and just about anything a standard cleaner can’t do. On the outside – we clean roofs, skylights, canopies, cladding, fascias, gutters, pipework, drains, signs, paving, and parking areas.

EPSCO’s team of highly experienced professionals are experts not only in cleaning the commercial windows but also in handling Drain cleaning, servicing commercial establishments, high access facade cleaning, building maintenance, etc. Rope Access Cleaning Services is incredibly cost-effective as all it takes is industrial ropes, pulleys, safety harnesses, and trained resources. Rope access cleaning is also a time-saving solution as the rope access system can be assembled quickly and the cleaning task is completed faster than the other methods.

Rope Access Repair services

EPSCO rope access service includes window and façade cleaning, inspection, and repair services. Our inspection services include inspecting difficult-to-reach areas in buildings, ships, and rigs. We provide photographic or video inspection reports of the area inspected using high-resolution still and video cameras. Inspections are carried out by qualified IRATA certified Level 1 to Level 3 technicians. Repair services provided by our rope access service team are window and faced silicon removal and replacement, glass or façade panel removal and, painting or paint touch-ups, light installation or bulb replacement, and so on.

Though rope access system seems risky, industrial rope access systems are exceptionally safe. All the technicians are well trained and supported by all the safety measures such as mainline and failsafe rope. Even the tools are tied together to adhere to every aspect of safety and regulations.