We provide marine maintenance services to our naval and commercial customers through the use of our highly trained and experience team leaders and technicians. By early consultation on integrated planning we ensure optimum scheduling to fulfill our customer’s expectations and to meet operational imperatives for maintenance. EPSCO provides value for money services at the forefront of innovation and we are able to offer reliable and efficient world class, worldwide support service to both naval ad commercial managers.

Indoor Air Quality : Poor air quality on ships creates allergy related problems including skin rash, frequent influenza, and asthma. EPSCO offers Indoor air quality testing services on board in the ships. Usually testing is done and analysis reported as per local and international standards and guide lines. Indoor air tests are carried out for both — and microbial parameters. In order to eliminate the high risk of infection and allergens, the air conditioning systems need to e maintained on regular basis. EPSCO marine and offshore uses specialized tools including air whips, rotary brushes, and robotic vehicles equipped with a video camera for AC system inspection and cleaning.

Galley Duct Cleaning : Many galley fires have spread due to dirty exhaust ducts causing serious damage in the galley and injury or loss of life. Inspection and cleaning of galley ducts should be carried out depending on the volume and type of cooking as per NFPA 96 section 11.4. Our services include thorough cleaning of the duct work including vertical sections, extraction fans, and hoods.

Water Storage Tank Cleaning : Tanks are frequently contaminated with silt and scale deposits that can harbor bacteria. EPSCO provides professional services for cleaning and disinfection of water tanks using highly effective and eco-friendly products. EPSCO can also provide third party microbiology and Legionella tests of water carried out.

Drain & Pipeline Cleaning : EPSCO provides environmentally friendly chemical de-scaling. We employ high-pressure water jetting technology to remove heavy debris from the internal surfaces of pipelines or tube bundles. We can clear obstructions in kitchen pipelines, bathrooms, laundry, septic tanks, toilets, and grease traps. Video inspection of the pipelines can also be done if required.

Carpet & Upholstery : Carpets and Upholstery are cleaned by a wet or dry system depending on how dirty they are, the type of material, and the time available. Wet extraction, which is a restorative method of cleaning, is generally the method chosen for ships due to the less than frequent cleaning schedule availability.

Fuel Tank/Spud Cans : These tanks are cleaned of all silt, sludge, debris, and grease/oil deposits by using highly effective de-greasers and high-pressure water jetting machines, with steam if necessary. This results in tanks that are clean and gas free.