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AC Cleaning Services Dubai


Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems act as the “Lungs” of the building and need to be maintained not only for cooling but more importantly for cleanliness. Over time, contaminants such as building debris, dust, hair, animal dander, fibers from clothing and carpets, pollen, tobacco residues and many more accumulate inside the ducts and on the cooling coils resulting in growth of bio-film, mould and bacteria that is well documented as a major cause of respiratory illnesses and triggering Asthma attacks.
EPSCO Envirotech cleans the complete air duct system to the American standard ACR 2013. This standard produced by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) is used worldwide to ensure systems are professionally cleaned.
AC Duct Cleaning Services Dubai


AC Deep Cleaning Dubai


AC Duct Cleaning Services Dubai

EPSCO’s specialized AC Duct Cleaning Services
EPSCO has been in the business of providing clean air to homes & offices for over 25 years now. We have the superior expertise in AC Cleaning Services and have delivered the best results to more than 20,000 HAVC customers in the region.
EPSCO has invested many years of experience and knowledge, used improvements and adapted best practices to perform thorough and extensive AC duct cleaning using the best technologies. EPSCO is ISO 19001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified and follows the highest standard prescribed by the American ACR, the NADCA standard.
EPSCO’s AC Cleaning Services include servicing of all the components of the air distribution systems for instance, the air handling units, air ducts, interior surfaces of the air handling unit, filters etc.  EPSCO’s air duct cleaning service also includes third party TR19 and indoor air quality test as per customer’s requirement.

Why AC duct cleaning is necessary and important?

AC’s are the main source of air circulation in the residential, office and other indoor spaces in the hot climate regions such as Dubai. The air we breathe indoors depends on the condition of the HAVC systems. If the air that passes through the duct is not clean, and if the system not serviced or maintained, then there is no guarantee of any clean air inside our built environment.
So, it is imperative to keep the performance of air-conditioning systems at the optimal levels. Moreover, it has been already established that transmission of viruses and bacteria is particularly effective in poorly ventilated indoor spaces.
Therefore, property owners and building managers must evaluate their building HAVC systems on a regular basis and consult with the ESPCO professionals to identify deficiencies and HAVC maintenance strategies to ensure adequate clean air and proper ventilation for a healthy living.

Consult EPSCO professionals at 971 55 472 4406 to assess the opportunity to increase the ventilation performance!

EPSCO Envirotech AC Duct Cleaning Services
Ducts are channels or passageways used by heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to distribute and/or circulate  air indoors .  Over a period of time, the duct accumulates various contaminants that are harmful to health and the air passing through tainted  ducts can increase exposure to various respiratory illnesses and asthma attacks.
AC ducts be it, flexible or rigid ductwork, the entire system  must be cleared off  any dust, microbial organisms and other contaminating components. Contaminants such as building debris, dust, hair, animal dander, fibers from clothing and carpets, pollen, tobacco residues and many more get deposited inside the ducts and on the cooling coils resulting in growth of bio-film, mould and bacteria. So, AC Duct must be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.
To begin with, if the need for AC duct  cleaning cannot be determined,  an inspection of the system must be carried out by a EPSCO professional. Choosing a NADCA certified professional with  ASCS or  CVI certification ensures the person is  trained and qualified to carry out a professional  inspection of the entire AC systems.
EPSCO has the latest and best equipment and tools to carry out inspection of the AC ducts and cleaning of the AC systems.  EPSCO team of experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical engineers, Microbiologist, IAQ expert, Safety Engineer, and HVAC technicians together form a formidable team to take up all the  challenges of an AC system and air duct cleaning project of any size and complexity.
Clearing hard-to-reach duct is done using a high-powered vacuum, rotary brushes and other tools. The heavy-duty vacuum with HEPA filters and different spinning brush attachments and other right cleaning techniques are applied to provide effective cleaning of the AC systems.

EPSCO’s 25 years experience  and expertise in air duct cleaning is unmatched and is the best air duct cleaning company with a customer satisfaction score of 9.33/ 10 in 2021.

How often should AC Duct be Cleaned?

The AC duct cleaning is required to be carried out when the system is found to be dirty. When in doubt about the condition of the AC duct, it is recommended to contact EPSCO.
ACR, the NADCA standard has  recommended AC duct inspection frequencies for different type of facilities.
AC duct cleaning is necessary as recommended by NADCA if
  • there’s visible dirt or debris on the air panels
  • there’s mold, mold is identified by the musty odor
  • there’s dampness or unusual odor coming from the air circulating systems
  • there’s any noise or sounds coming from the ducts
  • there’s recent illnesses or other respiratory related problems arise

Why EPSCO is the UAE’s best AC Duct Cleaning service-provider?

EPSCO’s AC Duct cleaning service is done by  trained, NADCA certified, and experienced ASCS professionals. We carry out air duct cleaning of any size and complexity with ease. We have the largest air duct cleaning team in the region.
  • EPSCO has the highest number of NADCA certified personnel.
  • EPSCO is the only company that has all the necessary skill set required to carry out any type of air duct cleaning job.
  • EPSCO follows documented procedures and methods for air duct cleaning.
  • EPSCO carries out risk assessment prior to the AC duct cleaning task.
  • EPSCO identifies and fixes mechanical issues of AC systems.
  • EPSCO staff is qualified and experienced to identify issues of mold and remedy them without proliferating the contamination into the living space. Contaminated AC duct air quality has been found hazardous and to be worse than the outdoor air quality, EPSCO professionals understand the risk of cross contamination and clean the duct without causing further damage to the duct or the environment.
  • EPSCO has done more AC duct cleaning projects than any other company in Dubai.
  • EPSCO has the widest range of equipment for AC duct cleaning. We are very responsive and can work at your convenience be it day or night, on weekdays or weekends.
  • Investigates and educates the customers on the scope of work and reports clearly the concerns regarding the HVAC systems
  • Our core values are Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Safety. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of AC duct cleaning service.
Currently in the UAE, 8% of the adult population and 12 to 13 % among children, suffer from Asthma.  Kids are more susceptible to allergies triggered by surrounding areas and the air they breathe in. Therefore elimination of contamination and bringing in clean air into living spaces is essential and EPSCO takes pride in delivering the much needed service to the community.

Advantages of clean ducts apart from the obvious health benefits are:      

  • People in GCC spend up to 90% of their time indoors.
  • 50% of illness is directly related to the air we breathe.
  • 60% of our energy comes from the air we breathe.
  • The average family will spend AED 500 – 1,500 per year on over the counter or prescription medicine.
  •  You can only view 15% of the dust and dirt in the air with the naked eye.
    (Source : The United States Environmental Protection Agency)
AC Cleaning Services Dubai
  • 25 years of experience. Since 1995
  • Largest Air Duct Cleaning Company in the Region.
  • NADCA (USA) certified company with the highest number of certified technicians (ASCS & CVI).
  • Complete range of state of the art tools and equipment including Monstervac for every type of HVAC systems.
  • 360° approach and Integrated solutions for cleaning, mold remediation, insulation replacement, mechanical repairs, and energy efficiency.
  • The only Duct cleaning company with Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers, HVAC technicians, Microbiologist, NADCA certified ASCS and CVI, certified IAQ experts, Asbestos Inspectors, and carpenters.
  • Over 20,000 customers serviced. Customers satisfaction score of 9.2/10 in 2018.
  • Middle East’s “Specialised Cleaning Company” of the year 2019.
  • Experience of 60+ employees over 10 years, 10+ over 20 years.
  • The first company in the Middle East to get a joint certification for ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 (upgraded to ISO 45001).


Even the smallest A/C problem can be a nightmare especially when the outside temperature is at its peak. At EPSCO, we aim to respond quickly. Our HVAC technicians are skilled in diagnosing and troubleshooting the root cause of the problem.

Annual Maintenance Contract

The purpose of an annual maintenance contract is to ensure our customers can live with peace of mind with a clean and properly functioning A/C System. To create the right A/C maintenance program for your building, we start with a personal discussion and take inventory of your A/C system. We work with you to determine your goals for the PM program. We offer preventive maintenance programs that range from basic annual maintenance to more comprehensive packages including coil coating, air duct cleaning and IAQ inspections. We offer competitive and flexible preventive maintenance contracts ranging from small clients to large multi-building, commercial, hospitality and industrial sites.