Asbestos” is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral, possessing high-tensile strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, fire resistance and electrical resistance. (NIOSH) The word “Asbestos” is derived from a Greek adjective meaning inextinguishable or inexhaustible.

It was widely used in the construction and shipbuilding industries from 1940 – 1970 and in its heyday there were nore than 3,000 products that contained asbestos in one form or another. It was used as insulating material, sound proofing, textured paints, adhesives and fire-proof textiles and clothing. It is still used in the manufacture of concrete water pipes and roof sheeting.

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The UAE’s construction industry usually uses asbestos in pipes, ceilings and walls. Asbestos may not pose a health risk if it is intact but it is usually not the case otherwise. That means when disturbed, the construction material with asbestos will release microscopic dust or fibers, whose inhalation can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis or cancer. Therefore, it is vital to tackle damaged asbestos, its fibers or dust with proper measures and equipment. Hiring any of the asbestos abatement companies in your area is better than handling the situation yourself. That means if you discover asbestos or materials with asbestos in your building, then you should consult a cleaning and maintenance service provider such as us.

We are a NADCA-certified company that specializes in the abatement, removal and disposal of asbestos as well as asbestos surveys. We serve commercial, public or residential clients in the UAE as well. This way, we help to keep clientele and others safe from the exposure and the health concerns it possibly causes. Knowing the dangers, you might be seeking the best, most experienced asbestos abatement companies in Asia. You might have come to this page thus.

How We Work

As a process, asbestos abatement entails the use of specialized equipment. In our capacity of being an asbestos cleaning and maintenance service provider, we would check your area and then determine the right way to address that specific situation. As a property owner, you may wish not to tackle asbestos but it should be addressed appropriately. The condition of asbestos would help to determine the appropriate action for it. In the case of the material not being damaged, then it would be wise to leave it undisturbed. Otherwise, it is perhaps best to take the immediate action of asbestos removal.

Not every material at a property is asbestos. This is where our survey aspects of asbestos cleaning come into the picture. We would safely check the material discovered at your property to not only confirm what it is but also determine whether inhabiting the place is safe. This is how we would usually determine the apt solution for each specific situation. In some situations, it is possible to encapsulate the material and leave it in place. That said, under more serious circumstances, asbestos removal becomes a must. We have been doing this task for more than 25 years through professionals having expertise and specialized tools.

We also know that being exposed to asbestos imperils construction staff’s health. There has been an asbestos prohibition in the UAE since 2006, which applies to boards with asbestos content. Even after this prohibition, the construction industry in the UAE has used it. This means there are also modern buildings with asbestos content in the nation. This is also contrary to the common perception that only old buildings have asbestos. More recently, Dubai Municipality (DM) has banned asbestos roofing for building construction after scientists found that inhaling the fibers could lead to cancer and lung disease over time. DM imposes stringent regulations on the handling of material with asbestos that also pertain to protective gear for workers.

With the number of construction projects only going up, there would be more risks to those who work in this field. Knowing the threats that it poses to one’s health is still the best way of ensuring worker safety. Therefore, many asbestos abatement companies also recommend awareness training for workers in the construction industry. Besides recommending the training, we will gladly assist in the abatement or the removal and disposal of this substance in construction environments.