Many years after Asbestos was banned in the United Arab Emirates, contractors are still finding the toxic material in buildings. Too many people are not even aware of this danger which can be prevented by working with companies that provide Asbestos Testing in Dubai. 

Here are 7 reasons to consider asbestos testing:

Asbestos is Poison

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that became popular in building and construction because of its resistance to corrosion and heat. It was a popular material for making cement, floor tiles, gaskets, insulation, water pipes, and much more. 

When it became clear that asbestos was a health hazard, 60 countries banned the product. However, builders in many countries continued to use it undeterred because there was no asbestos testing. 

Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers causes Asbestosis, a chronic lung disease that develops when you inhale asbestos fibers. The symptoms of asbestos exposure can take 10 years or more to manifest.

People who have asbestosis experience the short breath, weight loss, dry cough, clubbed fingertips and toes, and a tight chest.  Asbestos scars the lungs, leading to pleural disease and even lung cancer. 

Asbestos Materials are Still on Sale

Most of the buildings in Dubai are fairly new, which gives people a false sense of security. 

Despite the fact that the material was banned in the United Arab Emirates, some suppliers in the Middle East are still selling building materials that contain Asbestos. This means that any building, even new ones,  may have asbestos. All building owners and tenants need to know for sure whether the buildings they are occupying are contaminated with Asbestos.

Contractors offering asbestos testing in Dubai are testing both old and new buildings for Asbestos. Asbestos water pipes, for example, are being manufactured in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates only Banned it in 2006

Asbestos was banned in the United Arab Emirates in 2006. This was only 14 years ago. Since then a great number of the buildings already had some asbestos and suppliers were still selling construction materials that contain asbestos. 

There is no Asbestos Violation Enforcement Agency in Dubai

Asbestos causes cancer, mesothelioma, and Asbestosis, among other conditions. When a building is demolished or deteriorates, asbestos fibers in the air enter into people’s lungs when they inhale. 

Experts want safety regulations enforced in the entire United Arab Emirates, and not just in major cities like Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi buildings cannot be demolished without testing for asbestos and removing it safely. 

People don’t Know 

You can’t rely on people to help you to avoid a danger they don’t know about. The major obstacle to safety is the lack of awareness. Most people are not aware of the existence of asbestos in buildings in Dubai. They are unable to protect themselves from a danger that they are not even aware of.

Asbestos Disposal is Expensive

Safely disposing of asbestos is an expensive exercise. Timely inspection of asbestos can potentially save money. Has the inspection is done before occupying a building or purchasing it? 

It can drive up the cost of demolishing a building because Asbestos removal is a delicate operation that must be carried out by experts before a building is demolished. Failure to do so exposes people to health hazards posed by tiny asbestos particles inhaled deep into the lungs which can cause fatal illnesses.

You may be at Risk

You or your employees may be at risk if you work with electricians, boiler operators, building and construction workers, shipyard workers, and anyone who works in old buildings doing, restoration, or demolition. 

In addition, family members of exposed workers can also get asbestosis because the asbestos fibers attach themselves to clothing which they go home wearing. Asbestos is safe when it is contained but dangerous once it is no longer contained.