Fire can wreck your home or business if spread uncontrollably. Your property will most definitely experience the ill effects of fire and smoke but after the firefighters leave, you will also have flooding and water damages from the firefighting attempts.  EPSCO Franchise Professionals have fire and water damage restoring experience essential to rapidly tidy up and reestablish your home to pre-fire condition. Additionally, they can expel the unavoidable smoke smell and profusely clean sediment from upholstery and floor covering. 

Seeing your home or office and its valuable belongings devoured by fire can be one of the extreme misfortunes that a property holder can go through . After such an overwhelming misfortune, it is a consolation to have a good backup and clear direction in rescuing however much as could reasonably be expected from fire and smoke harm. 

At EPSCO Restore, our specialists are more than capable and are highly experienced; they’re caring individuals prepared to get you back in your home as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, while keeping you reprised of each progression. With our exhaustive scope of fire-harm administrations, including ash expulsion, smoke and scent expulsion, EPSCO Restore has got you secured. 


Protein Fire:  Food from the broiler or oven has gone up in flames, leaving solid, consumed nourishment scents and smoke buildup on substance and surfaces. 

Complex Fire: Multiple characteristic and manufactured things inside your home have got on fire, causing dark smoke buildup on substance and surfaces and engineered smoke smells. Here, crisis consumption relief is expected to ensure danger surfaces. 

Regular Fire: Trees, bushes and brambles have been consumed in flames, and smoke has infiltrated the structure from outside, so smoke buildup and the pungent smell prevails 

Heater Malfunction: Heating apparatus’s like oil-terminated heaters have failed and resulted in smoke dispersion all through the property. 


Dust, soot and smoke particles, along with floating harmful substances of burned consumables can still cause harm to people with regular exposure.

Smell and soot from the smoke will remain in a room or a home long after the fire breakout and keep on causing issues if bot effectively expelled. 

In no time flat, dividers and different surfaces can become stained. 

Smoke causes stains on glass and discolor metal rapidly. 


Recognizing the source to decide the kind of fire that happened 

Assessing the zones that have been damaged by water, caused by fire fighting efforts

Remediating water harm (if vital) 

Assessing delicate materials that might be harmed because of smoke and ash particles 

Evacuating substance—including the assortment of everyday and essential items you may require till the restoration period ends, like every day dress, remedies, toys, textbooks, business needs, and so on. 

Pressing out residual substance for cleaning

Performing auxiliary reclamation, including evacuation of unusable highly damaged pieces that may seal in smoke, for example, wood furniture

Assessing rugs and floor covers that may should be discarded

Reviewing the surrounding of the house and sub floors for well-being 

Treating all surfaces for the smell of  and soot

Cleaning and freshening up surfaces to pre-fire condition

Assisting to re- establish the everyday life

Try not to TO DO IT YOURSELF! 

The buildup discarded after a fire is a biohazard and can mess with the medical condition in the event that it isn’t dealt with effectively and altogether. You would prefer not to endeavor to tidy up your home all alone after a fire, or you may cause more harm. Just specialists with the right precaution, equipment and apparatuses can guarantee that the restoring is done appropriately and effectively 

TIPS to help your home after a FIRE event

When the temperature is over 60 degrees, freshen up the house to diminish smoke smell. 

Clean overlay surfaces just as chrome, porcelain and aluminum apparatuses to forestall perpetual discoloring or scratching. 

Change the air channel on your heater 

Tape moist cheesecloth over surfaces to catch free ash noticeable all around. 

Dispose of any open nourishment bundles. 

If the power is off, clear out the cooler and leave entryways propped open. 

What not to do 

Try not to contact anything with your uncovered hands. Oil from your hands can penetrate upholstery, dividers and woodwork, causing extra harm. 

Try not to wash dividers. Mistaken cleaning could exacerbate the ash buildup. 

Try not to endeavor to clean covers or upholstered furniture. 

Try not to utilize electrical machines until having them checked. 

Try not to utilize roof apparatuses if the roof is wet.