Drain Line Cleaning Service Dubai, UAE


Drain lines are an integral part of the ecosystem of the city and they must function at all times. Commercial and residential buildings have drain lines that link to either the local sewage system or a septic tank. Every type of drain line is susceptible to blockages which, if it is not kept clear, could result in potentially hazardous and serious flooding. EPSCO’s drain line management system includes drain line inspection, supply, and installation of dosing systems, high pressure jetting of pipelines, chemical flushing of pipelines, cleaning of intermediary traps and tanks like grease traps and sump pits. We also repair broken and damaged drain lines.

Pipeline inspection

Our CCTV inspection is offered to assess the condition of the pipelines for damages and blocks. We can inspect pipe sizes starting from 2 inches dia and upward and provide detailed reports highlighting the condition of the pipe with measurements of location. We have an adequate number of push rod CCTV camera systems for smaller size pipelines and a 360-degree pan and tilt camera system for larger size pipelines. Crawlers are used for even larger size pipes. Our pipeline inspection reports come with marked locations of problem areas.

High-pressure Jetting

EPSCO offers high-pressure jetting services for pipeline cleaning. After the initial assessment of the pipeline material and size, a suitable high-pressure jetting machine along with the right type of nozzles are selected to carry out pipeline cleaning. We have high-pressure systems that start from 2000 PSI to 15000 PSI. Based on the requirement of the job, a machine with the right combination of pressure and water discharge per minute is picked up to do the job. Jetting service is offered to communities, hotels, malls, construction sites, ships, rigs, and even to residential villas. 

Pipeline Chemical Flushing

Pipeline flushing is offered as an efficient alternative where jetting either cannot be done or is ineffective because of the pipe layout or the kind of scaling the pipe has. While offering pipeline flushing and descaling, we survey the site, assess the system, and decide on the type of chemical and the pumps required for the job. A proposal is sent to the customer. On accepting our proposal, together with the customer, the flushing project is planned. Risk assessment and method statement is shared with the customer. Pipeline chemical flushing job is carried out then as per the agreed plan.

Grease trap Cleaning

In facilities where grease traps are installed, EPSCO provides grease trap installation and grease trap cleaning as part of our drain line management service. We sign up with customers on an annual contract basis and cleaning service is provided regularly at the frequency agreed with the customer.

Dosing System

The nutrient-based dosing system is installed at the sinks to reduce the amount of grease accumulated in grease traps. Nutrients help in the large reproduction of bacteria in the system. Bacteria reproduced eats into the grease reducing the volume of grease and keeping the system flowing without clogging.

Sump Pit cleaning

Periodic cleaning of the sump pit is required as part of an effective drain line management system. Over time, sum pits accumulate sludge and unless it is removed and cleaned the system can get clogged. Our sump pit cleaning service comes as a one-off service or as an annual maintenance contract. In the case of an annual maintenance contract, our team schedules the job as agreed and to the convenience of the customer.

EPSCO technicians are trained In all aspects of the drain line managements system be it using high pressure jetting machine or the CCTV inspection cameras. Chemical flushing and cleaning are carried out with the close supervision of chemical engineers. All the safety compliances are met and protocols are adhered to while Carrying out the drain line cleaning jobs.

Every type of drain line is susceptible to blockages which, if not kept clear, could result in potentially hazardous and serious flooding. Video Inspection and cleaning of drain lines is very important so that all grease traps, the associated pipelines, and filters are inspected and cleaned regularly in order to prevent major disasters from occurring.
EPSCO Envirotech locates, inspects, unblocks and cleans all types and sizes of pipelines.