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Now more than ever, the urban population spends a majority of their time indoors. While clean air is a must for healthy living, indoor air is not clean always. Knowing and understanding the condition of air quality indoors and addressing them can prevent the risk of having numerous respiratory and other health issues.

Poorly designed and maintained buildings pose serious threats to human health. Buildings that have poor air circulation, excess humidity, leaking pipes, no fresh air intake, contaminated fresh air intake, large cross-connected cavity space can be problems that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

The adverse effects on health from constant exposure to air pollutants are substantial and can cause major health issues. So, it is highly recommended to take professional aid in bringing in clean air to breathe.

What does good Indoor air quality mean?

Good indoor air quality means having clean air with reduced exposure to pollutants and allergens. When the indoor air quality is good, the result of indoor air quality test parameters will be within the limits. Indoor air quality is affected by either a combination of excess dust and particulates, increased or reduced humidity, microbial growth, presence of mold, increased level of CO, CO2, formaldehyde, ozone, TVOC, etc exist. Keeping them under control is essential to have good indoor air quality.

How can you make sure you have good air quality at your home and workplace?

To begin with, ventilation and air-conditioning systems must be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure the air is filtered before it enters the living space. Collaboration with air conditioning & ventilation professionals is important in having a good healthy and hygienic environment.

Serviced Air-conditioning and Ventilation introduce fresh air into a building or home, filter the air and remove the stale air to ensure that the air in the building is safe and healthy. Mold and microbial growth have been linked to a high level of moisture in the air. This could be resulting from water leakage or condensation or improper working of the HVAC systems. New furnishing could cause a high level of formaldehyde. Mold growth could be one of the reasons for high TVOC. Wrongly labeled air purifiers with ionization can be releasing ozone. Without natural ventilation and outdoor fresh air intake, the CO2 level could be higher. Taking untreated outdoor air could cause contamination of indoor air. To have good indoor air it is necessary to have proper ventilation. All HVAC installation shall be carried out by a professional after studying the requirement and calculating the required tonnage including fresh air. Any water leakages or condensation issue must be solved as soon as it is observed. All equipment used inside the house shall be rated with correct labels.

How can you check whether the air is clean and is at satisfactory levels

EPSCO teams pioneer in Indoor air quality services in the region, they tackle the problems related to indoor air quality.

EPSCO provides the following Indoor Air Quality services:

  • Carry out professional Indoor Air Quality tests for particulates of different sizes, gases, microbiology, and mold against all the parameters.
  • Carry out professional Indoor environmental assessment and investigation which involves visual inspection of the property and the mechanical and plumbing installations. This involves detailed walk-through inspections of the property being investigated using various tools like probes, robotic cameras, thermographic cameras, etc. Sometimes it involves inspecting the neighboring properties. The inspection involves checking the AC systems, structures, plumbing systems, water system networks, and so on.
  • Identify the source of air pollutants and the main reasons for the degradation of the air quality
  • Recommend solutions for addressing the Indoor air quality problems identified
  • Provide solutions for the Indoor air quality issues found
  • Keeping the indoor air quality of our clients within required limits has been one of the EPSCO’s primary roles and we have constantly excelled at providing the best solution and care. Our experience is unmatched having inspected several different types of facilities for more than 25 years.