EPCSO follows the highest standards in providing various facilities management services. EPSCO has been associated with NADCA since 1997 and have trained and certified the highest number of air systems cleaning (ASCS ) specialists in the region. EPSCO is the only company in the region to have a NADCA Certified Ventilator Inspector (CVI).

National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a professional trade association that sets HVAC system cleaning standards, provides education, certification and advocacy services to its members. NADCA standard for Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration (ACR) give reference and guidance on all aspects of HVAC system cleaning.

ACR, The NADCA Standard is based on the detailed research, knowledge and practical experience of the industry experts. To the HVAC cleaning and restoration  industry, NADCA provides the standards and guidelines for assessment, cleaning and restoration of the HVAC systems and guidance on the installation of the access panels.

This internationally acknowledged standard is applicable for all the consultants, contractors and specifiers of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) industry. All the NADCA certified professionals follow the guidelines and guidance prescribed by the ACR, the NADCA standard.

NADCA standard has the procedural-based instructions, performance requirements   for analyzing new and existing HVAC systems, criterion for the verifiable cleanliness levels, and it also focuses on preventing job-related hazards. This document is constantly revised, reviewed, validated to include latest technological   advancements and better solutions when it becomes available in the market.

NADCA membership has been secured by a total of 20 HVAC service providers In U.A.E.  EPSCO is the oldest member of NADCA in Dubai and in fact in the region.

This association also includes the HVAC product manufacturing companies. Products such as air duct cleaning equipment, cleaning accessories, HVAC filters, air purifiers, and other related products are also built considering the parameters listed in the standard.

EPSCO is committed in providing best care and service. As per the NADCA standard, EPSCO inspects the system for  visible dirt , debris or microbial growth, whether the performance of the HVAC system components have been compromised, if there’s unacceptable  odors or contaminated as a result of fire or water, etc. to determine whether the cleaning and restoration of the HVAC systems are required.

For any HVAC project it is important to carry out inspections. NADCA recommends that these inspections need to be carried out by AIR Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) or by the Certified Ventilation Inspectors (CVI). It also details the inspection  schedule and recommended intervals to identify the need for cleaning  microbial and other contamination, in the HVAC system and other components such as supply air ducts, return air ducts, VAV boxes, fan powered terminal boxes etc.

Based on the Inspection reports, EPSCO determines the scope of work, clearly identifies the methods of AC cleaning and restoration and propose the right engineering controls to prevent cross-contamination. EPSCO also addresses any hazards or risks that could be encountered while performing the cleaning and restoration project.