Water treatment companies Dubai


Water treatment companies Dubai

In nature, water is available in various forms. In most cases, the local municipality treats the available water and supplies it to the community. The water being supplied to the community is regulated by WHO and local standards for domestic applications, however, there is a possibility that the water may become contaminated by impurities such as sand, dust, iron, and other suspended particles while traveling through the supply pipelines. Water in home storage tanks can also become contaminated by impurities. Microbial contamination leading to serious health issues can result if proper cleaning and storage conditions are not maintained.

Solutions Offered

Chilled Water Chemical Treatment Dubai

EPSCO offers various solutions for the treatment of water cooling towers, chillers, boilers, softeners etc. EPSCO can offer one, or a combination of the following solutions:
Whole House Water Filtration Systems
Multimedia Filters
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Water Softeners (To remove Hardness Salts) Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Ozone Disinfection
Chilled Water Chemical Treatment Dubai
At EPSCO, we offer a full range of services for designing and helping to manage water treatment plants for different applications to the best possible standards. Our professionals design innovative-type water treatment systems utilizing your individual needs in the form of a blueprint. We have a passionate technology-driven team of professionals to help complete the process efficiently, timely and to your utmost satisfaction. They have the required expertise, qualifications and efficiency when it comes to designing the systems and handling the complexity in water management endeavors.
The term ‘water treatment plant’ alludes to a product utilized for purifying contaminated substances, which may be liquid, semi-solid or solid. Treating wastewater in industrial processes requires using the plant, and the product can reduce not just water consumption but also environmental pollution. Treating it with the plant allows for the reuse of a considerable amount of industrial wastewater.
On the other hand, for a residential client, having high-quality drinking water can also make water treatment systems necessary. The same applies to a commercial environment; only, here, the required quantity of the commodity is higher than in the case of a residential setting.
As one of the leading water treatment companies in the UAE, we can work with commercial, industrial or residential clients to help evaluate their water consumption levels. This way, we can understand the specific treatment requirements of the clients. Only then we will be able to best recommend which the most efficient and economical water treatment systems can be for you. All of the above means that our solutions are offered to residential, commercial and industrial clients as well as geared toward meeting their unique requirements.
We offer various water treatment Dubai equipment units that can meet even the most challenging treatment requirements. The equipment includes multimedia and sand filters, demineralizers, water softeners, surface treatment clarifiers, and ultra-filtration tools. We also supply chilled water treatment systems for use in various applications, including cooling or heating in buildings as well as the cooling of industrial equipment. In addition, we supply chilled water chemical treatment systems for use in industrial environments, as well.