Swimming Pool Cleaning


Swimming pools are very common in the residential and commercial sectors and many educational institutes include swimming as a sports activity in their Curriculum.Swimming Pools should be treated and maintained properly so as to keep it superficially clear and hygienically clean.
There are many types of pools for indoors and outdoor, portable (Inflatable), jacuzzi, sauna, etc. All of them require some type of treatment and maintenance to maintain hygienic water quality.
EPSCO represents BAYROL from Germany who manufactures a range of swimming pool products for treating water and maintaining pool. Using a proper treatment program the most common problem of turbidity, green or milky water, algae growth, microbial contamination, etc. can be prevented.
Epsco provides complete swimming pool maintenance services including full renovation of existing pools, retiling, water proofing, installation of filtration and disinfection dosing systems, periodic maintenance, shock treatment one off cleaning, regular cleaning, chemical treatment, water testing, electrical and mechanical maintenance.
We also provide training got the pool operation and maintenance, consulting services of selection of equipment for easy maintenance.
Our services are available all over UAR. we maintain pools for individual residence, commercial buildings, educational institutions, facility management companies and other types of customers from swimming pools ranging from a small residential pool of 12 m3 to large community pools of 800 m3.