Chandeliers are decorative home décor pieces. Whether your chandelier is made of a precious stone or crystal, it shines brighter when it is clean.

Here are some tips for cleaning your chandeliers sparkling clean using cleaning materials that don’t build up and cause a haze on the designs.

How often you should Clean the Chandelier

Give your chandelier a thorough clean up at least once a year. Depending on where you live, you might have to clean it before a year is up because some chandeliers accumulate dirt a lot faster than others.

You know your chandelier is ready for cleaning when it starts looking dull, dusty, and discolored.

It takes some Thought

Many chandeliers have intricate precious stone, crystal, and glass designs that might be difficult to clean. So take a moment to observe the structure of your chandelier before you set about cleaning. This will help you to come up with a practical plan for cleaning it without damage.

Sometimes it may be possible or necessary to take it apart. But sometimes you might want to clean it where it is. The more fragile the chandelier is, the gentler you need to be. You can never be too careful.

Clean the chandelier slowly and gently, piece by piece. If the chandelier hangs very high or is too intricate and fragile, you might need to contact a professional Chandelier Cleaning Service to get it done quickly and safely without damaging the chandeliers. For most people, it is entirely possible to clean your chandelier yourself.

What you Need

Before you set out to cleaning your chandelier, you want to gather everything you need nearby. A stepping stool may help you reach the chandelier comfortably but may not be safe in order to clean it. You need an appropriate access equipment like a step ladder or at times even a scaffolding to reach to the chandeliers from all sides. Ideally, the chandelier should be at eye-level or very slightly above. See to your own safety.

Lay cushions or a mattress around the area so that in case something falls down, it doesn’t break and you can just put it back. This should also help to protect your tabletops and other pieces of furniture from damage in case of a fall.

Use the right fabric to do the cleaning. Using delicate fabric that does not leave build up on the chandelier will give you a better finish. Gloves will help you not to leave your fingerprints on the chandelier.

Switch off the Power

Whenever you are working with electrical installations, you have to be cautions. Always follow safety precautions.

Turn off any electricity at the divider switch and ensure that it doesn’t come back on by putting some tape over the divider change. Alternatively, turn off electricity supply from the breaker box.

Set up an alternative light source to keep from working in darkness.

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Why Hiring a Professional is Preferred

The significant concern is safety. This is the foremost concern in hiring a professional chandelier cleaner. We don’t recommend making an effort to clean a hanging piece of the light fixture on your own because it may lead to serious injuries or damage to your property. And if you do it on your own one weekend must be chosen as you have to invest plenty of your personal time on it.
Above all, you will have to accumulate all the supplies need to clean the chandelier like the step ladder to reach the fixture, pads or drop cloths to hold the pieces in case of glass/prism breakage and to avoid harm, ammonia-free cleaning chemical, soft/microfibre cloth to avoid marks, gloves and so on. A typical chandelier needs a clean once in a year only. The chemicals used for cleaning are considered highly hazardous and may cause serious eye or skin damages.
It requires expertise to dismantle and re-assembling. So it is always advisable to go for professional cleaners so that you can save yourself from all the mess and horrible time. We have people with years of experience in cleaning and maintaining chandeliers and our services are second to none as the perfect and careful cleaning will extend the lifespan of any chandelier. Our highlights are:-

  1. We have a team of workers who have obtained training in working at heights.
  2. Our people are excellent at the selection of access equipment.
  3. We are experts in dismantling and reassembling.
  4. We use high-quality equipment and cleaning materials.
    After all these the delicate, fragile characteristics of chandeliers may get damaged depending on the usage and life span.