It is mandatory for all industrial and commercial food preparation facilities to install grease traps. Our company specializes in keeping Grease Traps consistently clean in order to meet public health and safety guidelines.

What is it anyway?

A grease trap keeps oil and grease from entering the wastewater system. When waste water goes through the grease trap unit, the oil comes to the surface of the water and is trapped in plastic separators also known as bafflers. The now grease-free water goes on into the sewer lines.

Why you need a Grease Strap

Bacon oil and other oils from animal fat will cool and solidify at room temperature. These oils can then harden and create a blockage in the sewer pipes. The grease blocks sewer pipes and create potentially risky sewer floods. Eliminating these floods is and difficult and costly exercise that may result in your business paying a hefty fine. It is also reduces the burden and improves the efficiency of the municipal sewage treatment plant by separating oil at source at the facility

All eateries are required by law to fit appropriate grease traps to prevent oil contamination in sewages and blockages of sewage lines with grease

Why you need a Grease trap Cleaning

Oil and grease accumulate on the parts of the grease strap and fill it. This starts right at the top. Our Grease trap cleaning services prevent such blockages and stoppage within the grease strap by cleaning the Grease Strap thoroughly on a regular basis. We remove and clean the oil trap and then reinstall it. You remain confident that you are not filling up the sewer pipes with grease or causing a public health hazard.

How often is the grease trap required to be cleaned?

Grease traps come in different sizes and volumes. A typical under the sink grease trap is 10 -15 gallons in volume. Larger standard ones come in the volume of 25 gallons, 110 gallons, 135 gallons. Larger size grease traps are normally installed outside the kitchen. Sometimes depending on the size of the facility, much larger custom size tanks are also installed in some facilities. According to the Dubai municipality, guidelines grease traps smaller than 40 gallons are required to be cleaned once every week, and the collected grease is transported to the Dubai municipality grease treatment plant.

How to Order a Grease trap Cleaning

At our company in Dubai, our valuable clients want to maintain a clean, efficient, and safe kitchen. They do this by booking regular Grease trap Cleaning services. We are happy to serve commercial kitchens and cafes in Dubai and everywhere within the United Arab Emirates.

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