Cooking generates steam, airborne oil, grease and carbon particles. All these particles gather together and accumulate on the Kitchen ventilation. If not cleaned regularly accumulation becomes a serious fire hazard

Regular cleaning of kitchen hoods,ducts, filters and fans eliminates some of the risks of critical fires taking place in the kitchen.

Our cleaning systems enable us to thoroughly clean the whole exhaust to give you a spotlessly clean and safe kitchen. Our cleaning process dislodges and removes all the carbon and oil accumulated in your exhaust system, without damaging your equipment or interfering with any activity in your kitchen.

Kitchen ducts and the entire system is designed to suck up all the smoke and smell and discharge them outside the buildings. An old, dirty, and damaged kitchen duct will sully an otherwise clean and tidy kitchen.

We have put together some of the most important reasons why you need to work with us to make sure that you never have a dirty kitchen ventilation in your facility.

Avoid Dangerous Fires

On investigation of the source of fire in many fire accidents occurring around us, we often find that oil deposited in the ducts and vents play a major role in causing it

A typical kitchen provides all the 3 elements required for a fire i.e, heat,fuel and oxygen. How you keep these three elements separate and far is important to prevent kitchen fire. An uncleaned exhaust duct walls could pile up many gallons of grease and oil. A spark from the burner or grill could start a quick fire, and the heat melting the residual grease causing a distructive monstrous fire

This is why we believe that it is so important to order a Kitchen Duct Cleaning regularly to ensure that there is as little oil as possible accumulating in the kitchen ducts. Instead of constantly looking for a cleaner, you can book regular Kitchen Duct Cleaning services at a predetermined day. The frequency of cleaning a kitchen exhaust system depends on the type and volume of cooking

Working with Epsco gets you the advantage of our 25 years knowledge,experience,commitment and a clean record free of fire accident in kitchen we have cleaned.

It is not easy for the kitchen staff to inspect the full length of a kitchen exhaust duct system because of the turns and bends and the need of opening and closing access in the duct. Therefore if it is necessary that the kitchen owners or operator selects a reputable cleaning company with credibility, legitimacy a proven work culture, documented work methods, well trained and experienced cleaning technicians, strict supervision and third party liability insurance. Epsco can proudly claim to be one such company, it is also the only kitchen duct cleaning company that has IICECA certified professional Exhaust cleaning technicians (PECT)

Don’t allow your kitchen to expose you to embarrassment because of poor safety and hygiene. Keep your kitchen ducts clean. Call +971 554724406 now to get the best Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai.