Grease Trap Service Dubai
Kitchen Duct Cleaning
By . / 16/07/2020

Grease Trap Cleaning Services

It is mandatory for all industrial and commercial food preparation facilities to install grease traps. Our company specializes in keeping...

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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Companies In Dubai
By . / 14/07/2020

Why your kitchen needs regular Kitchen Ducts/Exhaust Cleaning

Cooking generates steam, airborne oil, grease and carbon particles. All these particles gather together and accumulate on the Kitchen ventilation....

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Window Cleaning
By . / 14/07/2020

The Necessity of Window Cleaning in Dubai

A beautiful view means nothing if your window is too dirty for you to see it clearly. Dirty glass windows...

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Fire Restoration
By . / 22/06/2020

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire can wreck your home or business if spread uncontrollably. Your property will most definitely experience the ill effects of...

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disinfection services Dubai
By . / 25/04/2020

How To Clean Your House To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus And Other Infections

There has been some confusion over exactly how the Coronavirus virus spreads. At first, we thought that it was only...

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Disinfection Against COvid-19
By . / 23/04/2020


So far the consensus on how to prevent the Coronavirus is that hand washing is really important. Washing hands with...

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Asbestos Removal
By . / 04/04/2020

7 Reasons to Consider Asbestos Testing in Dubai

Many years after Asbestos was banned in the United Arab Emirates, contractors are still finding the toxic material in buildings....

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