Swimming Pool Cleaning Company Dubai


Swimming pools have become an indispensable recreational or fitness facility for hotels and residential communities. A swimming pool is mandatory for hotels that seek higher star ratings. Property developers see it as an essential add-on for the fast sale of their new launches. Individual residents too are keen to have a pool on their premises. The joy of spending time in a swimming pool may be quickly lost if the water quality of pools is not maintained continuously. Swimming pools if not maintained can be a life-threatening health hazard as the water can easily get contaminated with bacterial and amoebic contamination causing diarrhea, respiratory illness, and allergies. Swimming pools have to be kept maintained to ensure water quality of the pool, the life of the equipment, and to eliminate physical hazards associated with a pool.

EPSCOs Pool Services

EPSCO offers a full range of pool services in the UAE and provides everything to have a clean and safe swimming environment.

EPSCO has over 25 years of experience in managing pools and delivering professional care to the asset of the property.

EPSCO maintains pools for individual residences, hotels, educational institutions, facility management companies, property owners, developers, sports facilities, and others. Our services are offered for all sizes of swimming pools ranging from a small residential pool of 12 m3 to large community pools of 100-1500 m3. Swimming pools have become a necessary addition to a large section of residential and recreational facilities and maintaining the pool is necessary to eliminate health hazards.

Installation of equipment

At the time of swimming pool construction, many pool owners fail to identify or ignore accessories that will give them better comfort, convenience, and safety. EPSCO can help install all such necessary accessories, for instance, at the time of construction heat and the cooling pump may not be considered as a necessity and as the temperature drops in December – January, they realize pool water is too cold for an enjoyable swim. EPSCO can recommend the right brand and size of heat and cool pumps and install them. Similarly, we cannot only install any new swimming pool accessory that was missed out during construction but also replace any existing faulty equipment. Pumps, filters, heat and cool pumps, dosing systems all can be installed by EPSCO. Other accessories like skimmers, ladder, gratings, lights are replaced by EPSCO.

Pool Renovation and Repair

Over some time, the condition of the swimming pool deteriorates due to wear and tear. Grouting starts to look dirty and patchy, broken tiles emerge water consumption increases because of unidentifiable leaks. If you are not satisfied with the look of your swimming pool or unhappy with its performance and think that it is time to renovate it, we are available to give you a perfect new look for the swimming pool. Our pressure test service will help you to professionally identify water leaks and our experienced technicians can fix the water leak issues of your pool in no time. We carry out waterproofing of the complete pool, remove and replace existing swimming pool tiles. Where the customer wants only regrouting, we can provide regrouting of the swimming pool as an individual swimming pool service. Our swimming pool repair and renovation service also include upgrading the swimming pool filtration and dosing systems. Some pools have the only fewer stage of filtration. We can provide full stages of filtration including UV ionization.

Annual Maintenance Contract for Swimming Pool

One way to maintain your swimming pool continuously is to have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) signed with us. When you sign up for a swimming pool AMC with us, at first we carry out a condition survey of the swimming pool to assess and report the condition of the swimming pool at the time of the commencement of the AMC. This gives you a detailed understanding of the condition of the pool with pictures of items that you may have found inconvenient to look at. We take your approval to fix all the existing issues for a new beginning. Once this is done, we have options as agreed in the contract of maintaining the pool completely or only the swimming pool equipment. If you want us to maintain the pool completely, our services include, cleaning of the pool, checking and adding chlorine and other chemicals to the pool, periodical visit of the multi technician to check and fix any mechanical or electrical faults of the equipment, water test at a third-party laboratory for microbiology and legionella at Dubai Municipality recommended intervals and providing you with monthly technical reports for all the activities.

Routine Pool Cleaning

EPSCO offers routine swimming pool cleaning services to all customers interested in just pool cleaning services. Our cleaning technicians come to your facility at an agreed time on days mutually agreed. They clean the swimming pools, backwash, check chemical content in the pool, add the required chemical to the pool and also report any noticeable issues with the equipment or water. Our pool cleaning service ensures your pool is clean, free of algae, the water is crystal clear without cloudiness and the water is disinfected to protect your health as you enjoy your daily swim. Depending on the size and the usage we can recommend you an effective cleaning frequency or we can go by your desired frequency.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Company Dubai

EPSCO specializes in swimming pool construction and routine pool maintenance, repair and remodeling of your Swimming Pool. We have been proudly servicing Dubai with quality, integrity and affordability for the past 3 years.
Our #1 goal at EPSCO is customer satisfaction. EPSCO gives you personalized service, we take pride in our work and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our commitment to our customers is to provide swimming pool maintenance, service and repair.
Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Dubai


Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Dubai


Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Dubai

EPSCO can offer one, or a combination of the following solutions:  

  1. Supply & Installation of Automatic Dosing System (Chemtrol- USA) Microbiological Tests
  2. Waterproofing of Swimming Pools, Building, etc.
Keeping a swimming pool clean right through the year is important to use it to your maximum enjoyment level. This necessitates periodical swimming pool maintenance. For any pool owner, it may take at least 120 minutes to complete the tasks associated with the process, including swimming pool cleaning. This is especially the case if they do not have professional-grade equipment or experience.
It is tempting to perform the task on your own, as it possibly saves you money. However, DIY swimming pool maintenance can cause more physical and mental stress than what it is worth. This is particularly true for a large pool, or one that is situated in an area with heavy landscaping. A swimming pool maintenance company can do it more effectively in relatively less time, due to their vast experience and expertise. At EPSCO, we specialize in not just the construction and remodeling of swimming pools but also periodical pool maintenance.
The maintenance task tends to require expert knowledge because of the different chemicals used to keep the water in its best possible condition. It is a tedious and occasionally complex task that possibly takes 2 or more hours to finish, depending on how familiar you are with it. As a new swimming pool owner, know that it takes time to learn the best ways to maintain it as well as some experimentation to discover how to utilize certain chemicals and tools to treat specific issues. Therefore, you are better off hiring a company that specializes in swimming pool cleaning Dubai and other maintenance-related services.
Treating a swimming pool in the best possible way requires hiring an experienced and skilled team of professionals having the right expertise and equipment. Warding off bacteria or balancing out the pool water requires a specific group of chemicals, something which the team/company will know.
Another situation that requires hiring a pair of expert eyes is when your pool requires repairs or a deeper clean-up job. A pool with algae or eroded tile requires a trained professional to check it and decide what form of work should be performed to restore it to its former glory. Under these circumstances, you should hire a swimming pool cleaning company Dubai that can offer the deeper job or repairs beyond what you can.
As one such company, we perform more tasks than just removing daily debris and harmful waste from swimming pools. Our professionals also do the following tasks.
  • Checking and making adjustments to swimming pool alkalinity levels
  • Checking the pool water level
  • Checking whether your pump is operating efficiently
  • Inspecting the pool visually for contaminant and color issues
  • Checking the pH level in the pool and adjusting it according to pool type and weather conditions
  • Checking the pool filter pressure level and making adjustments to it accordingly
As a swimming pool maintenance company, we provide periodical cleaning, checking and testing services through our professionals for the enjoyment and safety of pool owners and users. We not only clean pools a few times per week but also do the needful to confirm that all pool equipment parts are well maintained. Besides, we help to keep the water clean as well as devoid of algae, bacteria and fungi through our experts’ swimming pool cleaning tips. We know that using the services of a pool maintenance agency may not always be possible for all clients; the tips can be useful to them too.